One of the creepiest and most unhygienic bugs you will ever encounter is the cockroach, also popularly known as the roach. Roaches are found in a moist, dark place where they reproduce and spread over a large area for breeding and food. If your kitchen has been infested with these tiny creatures, you have invited plenty of health conditions.

Roaches are considered unhygienic because of the unhygienic places they are found in. It not only litter around the area but also reproduce so fast that a swarm of roaches will be controlling your kitchen in just a few weeks. That is why it becomes so necessary to call Pest Control for professional help and get them put off your house.

You must read this post entirely if you doubt whether your house is an infestation ground. We have discussed some of the signs that will tell you whether or not roaches have infested your house.

List of Signs that Roaches infest your house.

  1. Roach Droppings: 

Apart from seeing roaches around the house, their feces is the most evident proof of their presence in your house. Roaches feed on different food sources, and in different places, they have a habit of dropping their feces along the way. Their feces will look like dark-colored tiny dots similar to grounder pepper. Finding their feces can be a shred of solid evidence that you may have a roach infestation in your house.

  1. Cockroach Eggs:

Apart from feeding, cockroaches are extensively good at reproducing the laying of eggs. They usually like to lay their eggs in an isolated area and the dark corner of the house. Female roaches lay eggs in a dark brown colored case which could be discovered in clusters. Finding them would be a strong indication that cockroaches have infested your house.

  1. Disturbing odor:

Cockroaches tend to produce a strong odor in their vicinity and around their nests. This smell can be pungent and very noticeable in the area where they have been infested. Check for any strong and foul smells in your kitchen cabinets and furniture. If you sense any smell, this can indicate that roaches have infested your house.

Once cockroaches have infested your house, it becomes challenging to get rid of them. These animals would keep on coming if you use temporary solutions like pest spray and other DIY solutions. You will need to call for professional help once cockroaches have hit your house to eliminate them from your house.