It can be pretty profitable to launch a plumbing business. Many plumbers begin their careers through apprenticeships or as working contractors for other plumbers. However, it is natural for them to branch out and open their plumbing firm. One of the popular business models in this field is to become an owner of a plumbing franchising business. Having a clear understanding of various Plumbing business opportunities and the scope points in the right direction to launch a lucrative career.

About Plumbing Franchising and the Types of Services

Plumbing franchising is a part of the broader home services sector. One plumbing organization may have a wide range of skills that span a variety of categories. Plumbing franchisees, in particular, can operate in various industries and locations. Five main Plumbing business opportunities are incorporated under a plumbing franchise company-

1. Residential Plumbing Services

Residential plumbing services specialize in plumbing systems for homes. When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, residential plumbers are called upon to perform the tasks of installation, repairs, and maintenance. The essential duties are:

  • Installing various piping systems and plumbing systems
  • Maintaining and servicing a plumbing fixture or system

2. Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial plumbing services specialize in large commercial settings such as business complexes, schools or colleges, and healthcare facilities. They typically handle the complications that come with larger plumbing systems. Such plumbing services cover:

  • Installing water tanks and pipes in substantial commercial spaces.
  • Digging trenches and installing piping to connect to a neighborhood sewage system or water reserve for waste removal and clean water supply.
  • Repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting commercial plumbing systems

3. Service and Repair Plumbing Services

Plumbing repair services inspect and fix plumbing systems in both commercial and residential settings. They can repair many plumbing issues since they have outstanding problem-solving expertise. Service and repair plumbers often perform after-hours on-call shifts and cater to plumbing emergencies. The following are the primary duties:

  • Resolving water pressure issues
  • Fixing leaks and clearing clogged drains
  • Taking care of plumbing emergencies

4. Water Supply Plumbing Services

Water supply plumbing services are in charge of supplying water to residential and commercial setups. They install and repair many water tanks and supply lines, such as sinks, storage tanks, toilet tanks, and pipelines. The primary services provided are

  • The installation of water supply lines in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Installing and fixing sinks, bathroom, and kitchen fixtures, HVAC systems, and other water plumbing systems

5. Sanitary Plumbing Services

Sanitary plumbing services focus on installation, identifying, and fixing any problems with sanitary pipes, tanks, and drainage systems in bathrooms in both homes and businesses. Services offered by sanitary plumbing include:

  • Installing, clearing clogs from, and maintaining toilet and bathroom pipes
  • Installing new boilers and water heaters in showers and WCs
  • Bathtub setup, upkeep, and uninstallation
  • Installing, maintaining, and cleaning sewer lines.

Benefits Of Starting A Plumbing Franchise

  1. Name Recognition: Franchises typically have recognizable brand names. Buying a plumbing franchise allows the owner to feature his/her business under the company’s name, trademarks, and logo.
  2. Training and Support: Training and support are the popular features of all franchises, and franchisees will have the opportunity to manage their franchise by accessing the operations manual, computer systems, and other franchisor resources.
  3. Insurance and Licensing: Aligning with a franchise makes getting insurance and licenses effortless.
  4. Advertising: While marketing a business requires significant investment, with a franchise, the owner can take advantage of national advertising, which the franchisor will carry out.


Having a profound knowledge of various plumbing business opportunities and the scope of benefits helps to set the first brick of setting up a franchise. The best part is that, although having plumbing experience is appreciated, the owner can be someone other than a plumber to start a franchise business. A deep understanding of the market, proper business strategy, solid capital for investment, and confidence to lead a company are enough to launch a successful plumbing franchise.