Modern garage door security-related gadgets like garage door locks are made to prevent theft of the overhead garage’s contents.

What is called automatic door locking?

Automatic door locking aids in keeping the robbers out of a garage. They restrict unauthorized entry, and permission is required for other authorized individuals to enter. Some of these smart locks can also be used manually in actuated systems, but most are intended to be used with motorized keychain remote-controlled intelligent garage door openers. As implied by the name, it automatically locks the garage door when it is completely closed and unlocks it when the garage door opener receives the open order via the remote keypad.

How does the automatic door lock function?

The components of a typically connected garage door automatic lock include a keypad for manually opening the door or entering a code. The mechanical garage door lock is linked to the door opener during installation. Two ports will be made for the door lock on compatible garage door openers. The garage door opener will initially signal the door lock to unlock when one opens it using the remote control, the garage door keypad, or the myQ app if it is configured.

What are the types of Door locks?

There are two types of door locks: Manual and Automatic.

  • Manual locks are the simplest and easiest to install. The uses of manual locks are trouble-free, and the cost of safety is reasonable even though the repair and maintenance price is cheap. But the disadvantages include the keys being easily lost and improper lock installation, not functioning correctly.
  • Garage door automatic lock is safer and more secure and maintains more privacy. It is user-friendly and automatically unlocks using a key fob, remote, or door opener. It is expensive and complicated to install due to its various mechanisms. The Lock is required frequent maintenance and replacement, but the substitute remote is not easily accessible in the market.

Why are modern door locks necessary?

There are some advantages of garage door automatic locks, such as

  • Convenient and keyless exit and entry

One may avoid all that difficulty using an automatic garage door lock. This is so that your home will be secure after this gadget locks. The convenience of a keyless section is the most remarkable benefit of using an electronic door lock. One can enter quickly and easily without using keys by simply entering your PIN number on the keypad.

  • Safety and Security

Garage door openers are designed to prevent unauthorized break-ins. As long as the garage door is connected to the door opener via the trolley, it is very challenging to break into a garage manually. Expanded security is provided by electronic door locks like the Lock, which are picked confirmation and knock evidence. Traditional locks are sensitive to both lock picking and lock knocking.


The automatic garage lock is an excellent modern process to save and secure valuable goods and property. A user can trust the mechanical garage door lock to protect their home.